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A long-term global strategy of all-inclusive engineering, management and development consultancy has seen us bring key firms into the Group

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About Us

Fitzroy is a privately-owned enterprise, focussing on infrastructure projects with high-class abilities operating among varied segments of our client chain. As a company, we are passionate and experts in controlling energy to create new innovations for a long-lasting and pragmatic change in society. We aim at following this ideology in each sector and every operation we perform along with the project delivery. We invest time on a large scale on the research and development process in terms of the operational level within our in-house infrastructural facilities where we personify theory into live practice.

What we do

Fitzroy, established in 2014, is one of the leading project development and construction groups in North East India. We are committed to build a stronger and more sustainable economy that benefits the society while fulfilling the motives of the client. Our enterprise focuses on services in the sectors of energy, minerals, power generators, IT sector services, infrastructure solutions and also cashless and consultancy services. With more than 12 years of experience, our employees have become experts in providing reliable and effective solutions to complex smart infrastructural needs. By bringing together complementary skills and innovative technologies, we can boost efficiency, lower costs, and accelerate schedules.

We provide expertise across three distinct segments: energy, telecom and infrastructure projects.

How we work

With decades of expertise managing projects, we have the breadth of solutions to transform the economics of our clients’ projects.We believe in innovation, smarter design, and seamless ways of working. Our culture inspires us to challenge convention and find new and better ways of doing things by accelerating and integrating technology innovations to reduce complexity, standardize solutions, and improve performance and developing integrated offerings across our markets to achieve sustainable savings, efficiency improvements, and transformed project economics.

What makes us different?

Our dedication towards our client’s goals:

Fitzroy has always believed in putting the client’s satisfaction above everything else. We work hard to come up with practical as well as innovative solutions for the projects. Our approach to enhance construction projects is always unique and our quality management facilities operate under a set of standards that increases the performance level.

Our services:

We are enhancing valuable services through an adoption of different techniques and tricks to create production sets that meet or exceed the quality and targets expected to achieve. Our services range from engineering and construction to ropeway installation. We have built an outstanding reputation in selective infrastructural markets based on our several services.

Our safety culture:

The safety and well-being of our employees and the general public of the area of our projects is of utmost importance to our project terms. We are committed to the sustainable development and make sure that the construction goes hand in hand with the well-being and safety of the social community as well as the environment.

Sustainable Business

The Company’s sustainable business strategy aims to meet the needs and the expectations of its stakeholders, tackling the challenges posed by the evolution of global scenarios and improving living standards and socio-economic development of the communities in which Fitzroy operates. Creation of employment opportunities, a robust capacity- building effort in the local socio-economic context and know-how transfer for local workers are the most important legacies Fitzroy leaves in the countries of operations.


Consequently, our innovation model is a synthesis between the urgency to implement concrete solutions, mostly driven by current commercial projects, and the need to develop novel solutions reflecting the changing macro-scenarios, especially the energy scenario.