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New emerging telecom technologies in india

5G is becoming a reality in major parts of the world. Many operators are looking to expand beyond their traditional telecom businesses to explore new revenue streams with the added challenge of how to fund the investments for 5G networks. Many assume that 5G network will provide faster speeds than 4G, but that is not entirely true. 5G will empower the invention of thousands of new technologies and services and allow new industries to emerge.

At a global level, 5G is moving fast from trials to early commercialisation. By 2020, more than 50 countries are set to launch the 5G technology in most regions. India will also embrace this opportunity and emerge as a significant innovator and technology supplier at a global level. 5G technology possesses the potential for a large transformation in the Indian society by providing a rapid expansion of the role of information technology in several sectors like education, healthcare, agriculture and finance.

This industry has 20 operations in a total of 294 locations. The domestic firms like, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone Idea have successfully conducted the first 5G network trial. Samsung and BSNL are said to conduct the trials in 2020. GSMA (Global System of Mobile Communication) Intelligence forecast suggests that the first 5G services in India will launch in 2020. The Indian market forecasts also reflect a number of factors like financial constraints currently faced by several of the Indian operators.

Fitzroy is working towards providing the consumers with the best network connectivity and data centre services which are competitive and also cost effective. Fitzroy is currently working with Reliance Corporate IT Park Limited (Jio) to complete the 4G telecom towers in West Bengal and the North Eastern States and soon with the launch of 5G in India, we will work towards providing a better 5G network connection in these states.

Despite the challenges associated with the pricing, Indian operators will continue to work towards providing a better network connectivity. GSMA expects India to have 920 million unique mobile subscribers by 2025 which will hopefully include 88 million 5G connections.