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EV Charging

EV Charging Stations

Travelling is a part of peoples’ everyday lives. It’s this movement of people that ensure the growth of urban and rural areas. As the population is growing very fast, and more vehicles are being used, the pollution has increased and it has become important for people to use electric battery operated vehicles which will help in reducing pollution.

At Fitzroy, our aim is to help cities make a smooth shift towards electric transportation in a manner that is beneficial to them as well as the community and the environment. We want to provide our customers with the most effortless and future-oriented solutions for electric vehicle charging. Our smart charging services help you to make electric vehicles an impeccable part of your everyday lives.

Electric cars are eco-friendly as they emit lesser greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere compared to other vehicles. Apart from being environment friendly, it has other benefits, like the cost per mile is much lower than non-electric vehicles. After testing the impact of these electric vehicles on the environment, we encourage people to use EV.

Electric vehicles are becoming mainstream by the day, and all car companies are selling them with a vast variety of choices. EVs can handle daily driving needs of any individual, and if it is a luxury vehicle, then a few hours of charging can keep it going for long hours.

Current Projects:

Fitzroy believes in building products and services for the future. Currently we are working on 250 EV charging stations across Assam, West Bengal and the North Eastern States. We are working with the government and the local bodies of each of these areas to help them and enable them for the future.