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A long-term global strategy of all-inclusive engineering, management and development consultancy has seen us bring key firms into the Group

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Health Care

We believe healthcare in today's world is key and should be vital for a country.

Itʼs this belief that inspires us to develop reliable, quality products and solutions for the global healthcare industry .

Whether weʼre connecting with patients directly or supplying products to government bodies and corporates around the country, we believe in supplying the best products.

At Fitzroy HealthCare, we share that same passion. Itʼs what motivates us to propel innovation further. Our goal? Use the power of Science to help make better health possible for people around the world.


Our healthcare product offerings include PPE kits right up to sanitisers and other consumables. Our products are designed to withstand the harshness of frequent cleaning with disinfectants and chemicals without compromising the lifespan of their equipment. We work with manufacturers to introduce high quality ietms to the healthcare market. Some of the products include:



Our liquid hand sanitizer is made in India, has 80% alcohol content and comes in bottles sized from n100ml to 20L, with flip cap lids. Our CE approved product can be used in spray bottle applications as well.

Other items

  • Thermometers

  • Travel Kits

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