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A long-term global strategy of all-inclusive engineering, management and development consultancy has seen us bring key firms into the Group

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Roads lay a foundation for a developed economy by connecting cities, towns and villages to each other. We at Fitzroy aim to emphasize on the growth of India’s infrastructure, specially the roads, as they remain the most important and common mode of transport for the people. We develop world class roads to ensure continuous and safe delivery of goods to end users.

With the economy growing at a fast pace, good road networks have become a necessity. We recognise that road construction has a major impact on the locals, and we try to make sure that minimum amount of disruption is caused to them. We regularly communicate with our clients so that we can deliver on their expectations and requirements with our best services, ensuring safety and efficiency. All the work, from concept to construction is done in-house, by our team.

Our aim is to create value, upgrade the quality of life and give our best contribution to nationwide upbringing programs through our work. We bring the benefits of our expertise in construction and maintenance of roads and hope to give our clients and the people a better experience.

Current Projects:

Fitzroy is handling a Project of Constructing a 35 km long road stretching from Yaong to Yangpi via Dikhu Bridge point at Salulemang Road Mongtikang, Pongching and Longra under Longleng, on behalf of M/s. T. Lanu AO at Kohima.

  • Earth work in excavation

  • Construction of unlined surface drains

  • Construction of Shoulders

  • Laying Spreading and Compacting of Stones

  • Site Clearance.