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The innovative ropeway system of today offers a host of benefits in the urban environment. They cross residential areas, rivers and existing infrastructure with ease and glide over every traffic hindrance. Ropeway solutions integrate themselves into urban planning concepts perfectly, offering infinite scope for creativity and growth in tourism.

While this aerial lift primarily serves a recreational function for tourism enthusiasts, some of the station's for the ropeway will be built as a part of an integrated transport terminal. With the ropeway platform, passengers will be able to seamlessly connect to and from buses, private cars and rail services from one area of the park to the other. From the main station, passengers will hop aboard one of ultra-chic cabins.

About the project

First phase: A 3.74 km mono-cable detachable ropeway project with a capacity to carry 450 passengers per hour per direction. This ropeway will connect Sendra Resort to Old Army Camp with trip time of 11.4 min.

Second phase: between Heingang Ching Ibudhou Marjing Khuphamlen to Cheirao Ching with an extension to Kangla fort.

The ropeway for tourism will increase tourism to the area and create a new destination for international and regional tourism . The urban transport extension initiative for three locations in the city will reduce travel time by 40% and will be in eco-friendly mode. This project is to be awarded in PPP mode with Concession period of from the concerned departments of the state Government. The first phase of the Project is planned to be operational by 24 months from the date of receiving of all approvals.